eNAC-1000 with IP downlink

eNAC1000 (ePay Network Access Controller) is a reliable and innovative network access device for Financial POS. With convenient maintenance tools, it minimizes routine maintenance cost. It supports from one analog line to four E1 digital lines and widely deployed for small and medium banks and acquirers. It included eNAC-30, eNAC-60, eNAC-120, eNAC-1000 with IP downlink and eNAC analog chassis. 

eNAC-1000 with IP downlink supports both E1 and IP downlink. 


Integrating new technology to guarantee electronic transactions

eNAC1000 adopts the IMS/NGN technologies, increasing the user network access modes and making the electronic transaction deployed more easily and quickly. What’s more, eNAC1000 uses the embedded system and internal dual-star network to make sure the performance and reliability is perfect.


Unified Maintenance and Management

The web based unified maintenance and management system ensures the administrator can easily and quickly Access, manage, and monitor the system running status.


Diversified intelligent monitoring to reduce operational costs

 eNAC1000 provides diversified monitoring method, mainly include:

l  Remote alarm based on the network.

l  As a signaling device access of telecom carriers, support automatic failure alarm for telecom operators (when SS7 access) .

l  Support automatically dials maintenance contact when there is any alarm. eNAC 1000 will automatically call maintenance contact as voice alarm.


l  1 Uplink LAN interface

l  1 Downlink LAN interface

l  4 Downlink E1(RJ48) digital trunk interface

l  Maximum 120 simultaneous transactions (E1)

l  Support Wired, IP and Wireless POS



Height: 44.5mm(1U)   Width: 482.6mm(19″)    Depth: 430mm

Temperature: 0–40    Relative Humidity: 10%–85%



Support from 1 analog line to 4E1 digital lines.


Communication Interface

Bus: dual-star exchange network to ensure the internal stability

POS dial port: HDLC, synchronous

Network interface: Ethernet 1000 Base-T (1000 Mbps); the fiber interface can be configured.

Modem Protocol

Support the V.22 (1200 bps) and V.22 bis (2400 bps)

Support the V.23; the transmission rate is 1200 bit/s

Support the V.33 and V.33 bis


Access Protocol

Support the ISDN PRI; accord with the ITU-T Q.921 LAPD standard.

Support the SS7; accord with the Q.700–Q.716, Q.721–Q.766, and Q.771–Q.795 of the ITU standard.

Support the SIP; accord with the IETF SIPv2 standard



Quad-Core processor of the Marvell? ARMADA? XP series; ARMv7 core;

Frequency: 1.6 GHz






128 M (core) + 16 G (program and data)



Two power supply input

AC: 220V (range: 176-264 V AC) 


Power Consumption

50 W

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