Keygoe9001 Multimedia Switch

DONJIN Keygoe9001 multimedia switch is an all-IP multimedia exchanging and processing platform. In a 1U chassis, it can provide a maximum of 2000 IP voice resources and 240 video resources to give powerful media processing ability for innovative services based on the Internet/IMS/NGN, such as the IP audio/video playing/recording, IP audio/video conferences, and interactive IP audio/video. It can also flexibly carry a third-party TTS, ASR, and other media or data processing

    l  Powerful Multimedia Processing Performance

    DONJIN Keygoe9001 multimedia switch can provide 2000 IP voice channels and 240 video channels in a standalone device. It supports the many video formats from the SD to HD 1080p. It supports various audio encoding compression standards (such as the G.711, G.723, G.726, G.728, G.729, AMR, and iLBC) and the video encoding compression standards (such as the H.261, H.263, H.264, MPEG4, and H.265).

    l  Support Services of Large Capacity and High Load

    Relying on the powerful multi-core processor and distributed system architecture, Keygoe9001 supports multi-chassis cascading; it can provide powerful media processing capability for the services of large capacity and high load.

    l  Support Service Innovations in Emerging IMS/NGN

    The full IP-based system architecture and open interface make Keygoe9001 easily connect to the NGN soft switching, IMS network CSCF, media gateway, and signaling gateway. It can provide powerful multimedia processing capability to emerging networks, and support different kinds of service innovation.

    l  Applicable for various fields

    The Keygoe9001 hardware processing capability is extremely open and flexibly expansible. It provides a free innovation space on multi-field applications such as the IP packet switching, encryption/decryption, data security, and cloud computing.

    l  Support Flexible Expansion for Service Functions

    The multi-core processor adopted by the Keygoe9001 has strong computing ability; it can flexibly carry the processing algorithms of the media or data such as the third-party TTS and ASR, which makes the service flexibly expansible on functions to meet market requirements quickly.

    l  Support Flexible Linear Extension On Service Scale

    Based on the all-IP distributed system architecture, Keygoe9001 makes the media processing capabilities deployed in a distributed mode in an IP network, which enables the services flexibly linear extended on the scale.

    l  Protect Previous Service Investment

    Keygoe9001 adopts DONJIN Keygoe EasyAPI application development interface. The users can reuse previous Keygoe applications, and easily migrate to new platform to protect their investment.

    l  Support Industrial Customization

    Keygoe9001 adopts DONJIN accumulated proprietary technologies, processing algorithms, and invention patents from system architecture, basic hardware, application development platform, to multimedia processing. It possesses independent intellectual properties, opens deeper-level technical features, and provides the industrial customization for market flexibility and adaptability effectively.

    l  Carrier-Grade Stability and Reliability

    Keygoe9001, adopting the reliability design of the carrier-grade, provides media processing ability redundancy, dual-power supply redundancy, and power input redundancy. It supports the hot plug of all function components, and can run in a wider environments; it can ensure the 7x24 hours steady running of the services.

    l  Compatible with Traditional Circuit Services

    Keygoe9001 built-in signaling processing mechanism such as the SS7, ISDN, and analog signaling can connect to the traditional circuit networks through the Keygoe3000/1001/200 series multimedia switches. It can provide the powerful multimedia services for PSTN and PLMN users. 

    One Built-In Multi-Core Processing Board Slot

    l A standalone Keyoge9001 has one multi-core processing board built in;

    l A standalone Keyoge9001 provides 3 1G LAN circuit ports;

    l A standalone Keyoge9001 provides 1 1G LAN optical port;

    l A standalone Keyoge9001 provides 1 10G LAN optical port;

    l A standalone Keyoge9001 provides 2 USB 2.0 ports;

    l A standalone Keyoge9001 provides 1 COM port for configuration.

    2 Hard Disk Slots

    l A standalone Keyoge9001 can have 2 SATA hard disks inserted at most;

    l Support the hot plug of the hard disk.

    2 Built-In Power Slots

    l One machine can be inserted into 2 system power supplies at most;

    l Support the dual power supply redundancy;

    l Support the power dual input redundancy.

    Media Processing Capacity

    l One machine provides 2000 voice channel resources at most;

    l One machine provides 2000 VoIP channel resources at most;

    l One machine provides 240 video channel resources at most;

    l One machine provides 1000 fax channel resources at most;

    l One machine provides 1000 conferences with 512 members for each;

    l One machine provides 120 video conferences with 16 members for each.


    l Height: 44.5mm (1U); width: 482.6 mm (19″); depth: 450.0 mm

    System Redundancy

    l 2 power supplies for hot backup;

    l Dual-power input redundancy.

    Cooling system Design

    l 4 silent fans with large exhaust for cooling;

    l Minimum wind resistance design, to dissipate heat effectively;

    l Dust filter, to stop dusts efficiently.

    EMC Design

    l Regular hexagon cellular array holes, for both heat dissipation and electromagnetic shielding;

    l Metal plate material, without spray on component contact surfaces, to make sure the chassis can be grounded reliably;

    l The power adopts efficient filter circuit, to prevent the power harmonic interference.

    Management and Maintenance

    l Support the configuration through the COM port and LAN port;

    l Provide the efficient configuration management tool DJITPInterfaceCM;

    l Provide the comprehensive alarm management and detailed logging information;

    l Support the network management protocols of SNMPV1 and SNMPV2.

    Power Requirement

    l AC: 220 VAC (fluctuation rang: 176–264 VAC); Frequency: 50 Hz

    Environment Requirement

    l Temperature: -5°C–55°C (working); -40°C–70°C (storage);

    l Humidity: 5%–95% RH, no condensation;

    l Air cleanliness: For the dust particle which diameter is more than 0.5 μm, the density cannot be over 3500 particles per litre. For the dust particle which diameter is more than 5 μm, the density cannot be over 30 particles per litre. Avoid excessive dusts, velveteen, carbon powders, paper fiber sundries, metal sundries, and corrosive gases such as sulfur and chlorine;

    l Electromagnetic environment: Electric field strength≤130 dB (μV/m); magnetic field strength≤800 A/m;

    l Anti-Static: The device is grounded reliably.

    Grounding Requirement

    l The grounding resistance is less than or equal to 1.5 Ω.

    Installation Mode

    l Installed in a standard 19" rack;

    l The rack need be fixed to the floor;

    l The rack need be fixed by the front panel or the middle.

    (1) IP Ports

    1G circuit port

    l Ethernet 1000 Base-T (1000Mbps/RJ45);

    l Follow the IEEE802.3ab.

    1G optical fiber port

    l Ethernet 1000Base-X SFP (1000M);

    l Follow the IEEE802.3 and SFF-8472.

    10G optical fiber port

    l Ethernet 10GBase-T SFP+ (10G);

    l Follow the IEEE 802.3ae, SFF-8431, and SFF-8432.

    (2) Control Protocols


    l Follow the ITU-T H.323v2 (H.225v2/H.245v3);

    l Support the call parameters such as the Fast Start, and H.245 Tunneling;

    l Call forwarding;

    l Gatekeeper auto discovery and login (Support the number registration types of H.323 UID and E164);

    l H.245 user input character and DTMF signal message (User Input Indication);

    l Terminal registration management.


    l Follow the IETF SIPv2 standard (RFC3261);

    l UDP/TCP call mode;

    l MD5(digest) authentication;

    l REFER call forwarding (RFC3515);


    l proxy server registration, security authentification, and regular refreshing;

    l SIP INFO message(RFC2976);

    l Registrar; support the authentication of the service part;

    l Support the STUN protocol for NAT/firewall detection and traversal.


    l Follow the RTP/RTCP (RFC3551/3552);

    l Voice packet sampling length/frame number can be configured (10–60 ms);

    l RTP dynamic DTMF load of the RTP (RFC2833/4733);

    l Jitter buffer: Support the static jitter mode and dynamic self-adaptation mode simultaneously;

    l Analyze the network environment and make the statistics of packet loss;

    l Support the NAT/firewall detection and traversal.

    (3) Management Protocol

    l Follow the SNMPV1 and SNMPV2.

    (4) Media Formats

    l Voice file formats: wave, pcm, adpcm, vox, mp3;

    l Video file formats: asf, avi, 3gp, mp4, mov, wmv, swf, and mpeg;

    l Video resolution formats: QCIF, CIF, 4CIF, 1280x720p.

    (5) Media Compression Standards

    l Voice coding/decoding: G.711 μ law/A law, G.723.1 (5.3/6.3kbp self adaptation), G.726*, G.728*, G.729A/B/AB, AMR-NB/WB*, iLBC*;

    l Video coding/decoding: H.261, H.263, H.264, MPEG4, H.265*;

    * indicates coming soon.


    (6) Audio and Video Enhanced

    l The voice supports the conversion between the A law and μ law;

    l Support the real-time voice playing from both the memory and file server;

    l Support the real-time voice recording from the file server (dynamic storage);

    l Support the mixed voice playing/recording;

    l Support the echo suppression (128 ms);

    l Support the automatic gain control (AGC/ALS);

    l Support the voice playing/recording in a full duplex mode;

    l Support the voice activity detection (VAD) and comfort noise generation (CNG);

    l Support the DPD and PVD.

    (7) Fax Protocol Resources

    l Support to receive and send the fax at the rate of 14400/9600/7200/4800/2400 bps in the V17/V29/V27 standard; support the automatic speeding down;

    l Support the fax standards based on the T.30 and T.38;

    l Support the fax receiving/sending in ECM mode; select the ECM/non-ECM mode by self adaptation during the handshake;

    l Support the .tiff file receiving using the MR, MH, and MMR formats. Support the MH format for both sending and receiving fax.

    (8) SS7*

    l Follow the ITU-T specifications of Q.700–Q.716, Q.721–Q.766, and Q.771–Q.795;

    l Maximum message processing capability for each link: 500 MSU/S;

    l BHCA for each link: 360K;

    l Support the signaling functions such as the MTP, TUP, ISUP, SCCP, and M3UA;

    l Support the 64 kbps standard link and 2 M high-speed link;

    l Support the 14/24 bit point code length;

    l Support the call traffic share between the links and between the link groups;

    l Support the link switch and link switch back in a link group;

    l Support the multiple OPCs and DPCs;

    l Support to add and delete links dynamically; support to activate, recover and de-activate the signaling links; support the normal restarting, emergency restarting, and signaling congestion processing.

    * indicates to be used with Keygoe3000/1001/200 series multimedia switches together to support the SS7.

    (9) ISDN PRI *

    l Follow the ITU-T Q.921 LAPD;

    l Follow the ITU-T Q.931 ISDN PRI: European ISDN ETSI NET5;

    l Support the network side and client side;

    l Support the repeated mode when the called number is received or sent.

    * indicates to be used with Keygoe3000/1001/200 series multimedia switches together to support the ISDN PRI.

    1. VoIP Operation Solution

                  l  VoIP call service

    l  Call center colocation service

    l  IP telephony service based on mobile network or internet



    l  The Keygoe9000 system can be connected to the NGN, IMS, and third-party soft switch for innovated services in emerging IP networks.

    l  Provide the interactive audio/video recording and conferencing, which supplies powerful multimedia support for innovated services.

    l  A standalone Kegyoe9000 switch can not only provide a maximum of 2000 IP video channels, the stackable Keygoe9000 switches allows even larger-capacity services.

    l  Provide various codecs for audio format conversion; thus, service can be run in various networks.

    l  Provide the function board redundancy, power supply redundancy, and power input redundancy to ensure that the services can be running steadily for 7x24 hours.

    l  All the function components support the hot plug, which improves the operation and maintenance efficiency and reduces the cost.

    l  Support to carry the third-party TTS, ASR, and other media or data processing to expand services flexibly. 

    2. Video Application in Industries

    l  VTM remote bank

    l  Video conferencing

    l  Remote video surveillance

    l  Video call center

    l  Video applications for industries




    l  Provide the video playing/recording and split screen functions; a standalone device can provide a maximum of 960 video channels.

    l  Support the codecs such as the H.261, H.263, H.264, MPEG4, and H.265.

    l  Support the video formats from the SD QCIF (quarter common intermediate format) to HD 1080p.


    3. IP Call Center

    The call center system using DONJIN Keygoe9000 series multimedia switches has nice flexibility for construction and operation.



    • Support the cloud deployment of all software/hardware and applications; lower the construction and operation cost.

    • Support remote agent deployment.

    • Support to deploy the visible agent to improve the user experience.

    • Support customer to access call center through internet. Expand the user group.

    • The powerful multimedia processing performance and reliability meets all service requirements of carrier grade call centers.


    4. Interactive Response

       l  Dialing notification

       l  Voice mail

       l  Card number service

       l   Automatic platform service

       l   Voice portal

       l   IVR services



    The interactive response system adopting DONJIN Keygoe9000 series multimedia switches is deployed in IP networks to separate the service applications from call control, and call control from load bearing. It provides the multimedia processing capabilities such as the DTMF detection, voice playing/storage, conference, fax, IVR, and ASR, which possesses powerful and flexible operation capability for value-added services.

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