Share Trending CTI Technologies and Solutions at GITEX

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As one of the largest tech events on the planet, GITEX opened in Dubai on 16th Oct, 2016. DONJIN brought its new Keygoe series product Keygoe9000 and Digital Gateway TG1000 to participate this event. It gives us access to 146,000 professionals with real buying power and chances to share new technologies and solutions with these professionals.


Big data and cloud became the hot words in IT industry these years. Now, many industrial giants have built big data and service center. In Telecom, operators are building service centers to serve small and medium enterprise, such as enterprise hotline, customer service center, fax, international calls, etc. Enterprises don’t need spend time and invest on telecom infrastructures which gave them headache. They simply submit their requirements and operators will arrange resource and services to them. All of them connect and communicate by IP. This is a typical cloud based service center in telecom. Keygoe9000 provide up to 8000 IP channels on a single 3U chassis. It’s very suitable for this kind cases and it has been successfully deployed in several operators.  Operators and big SP from Middle East are very interested in it and requested test immediately after the show.  

Digital gateway TG1000 is for customers who want to immigrate to IP service but operator only provide E1 access. It has 1E1, 2E1, 4E1 and 8E1 version which are meet almost all SME requirement.


With IT spending in the Middle East projected to reach US $212.9 billion in 2016, a 3.7 percent increase from 2015, GITEX Technology Week as largest regional IT exhibition will play a more significant role than ever before. Middle East market is playing an important role in DONJIN overseas. We will continuously support and develop this market and bring more and more new technologies and solutions to serve local partners.