Financial POS Payment Solution base on DONJIN eNAC

Source:DONJIN  Date:2016-08-04  Click: Second


With the POS payment business development and daily transaction volume steady growth, all banks and third party acquirers have deployed POS payment platform. As the network access controller vender in POS payment business, DONJIN launched financial POS based network access controller eNAC-8000. It integrates telephony POS and financial POS to provide more convenient and rapid card payment and offline business. The main features of eNAC-8000 are:

(1): Convenient, rapid and smooth capacity expansion. Fully protect customer’s equipment investment.

(2): support both financial and telephony POS. It can identify terminal automatically.


Deployment Structure

Deployment solution one: Centralized Deployment Solution

The centralized deployment solution is suitable for early stage of the business, which means when business volume is not too big. All POS from headquarter and branched connect to centralized network access controller platform. The network scheme is:




a:  Two eNAC-8000 hot backup for each other.

b:  Headquarter POS connect to network access controller platform through local PSTN.

c:  Branches POS connect to network access controller platform through long distance PSTN. Each transaction may cause long distance charge.


Deployment solution two: Distribute Deployment Solution

With the business and POS growth, customer can choose distribute deployment. Each branch has its own network access controller and run independently, and all branches network access controller connect to headquarter platform. The network scheme is:


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