Warranty Policy

The policy applies to all products purchased directly from DONJIN or its authorized distributors unless different terms have been agreed to in a signed agreement between yourself and DONJIN.


Warranty Period

Unless otherwise stated specifically by DONJIN, the following periods apply:

Three (3) years, beginning on the delivery date, for products purchased directly from DONJIN. For products purchased from authorized distributor, please contact your direct vendor for warranty period.


Warranty Exclusions

The warranties do not extend to any damages, malfunctions, or non-conformities caused by your fault or negligence, improper or unauthorized use of the product, repairs or modifications made without DONJIN's prior written approval or by causes beyond the control of DONJIN, including, but not limited to, power or air conditioning failure, acts of God, improper interface with other units, or malfunction of any equipment or software used with the DONJIN product(s). If DONJIN is requested and agrees to make repairs or replacements necessitated by any such causes, you will pay for such service.


7 X 24 Telephony Service Hotline

+86 755 8363 6988 (ext: 6331)

Return Material Authorization (RMA)


Return Material Authorization (RMA) Terms and Conditions

DONJIN offers a warranty and repair service to our customers. DONJIN reserves the right to refuse service in cases where the product was not purchased from an authorized source. Customer induced damage or customer modifications to the original assembly will void the warranty.

All the defective products (in or out of warranty) have to be confirmed by DONJIN engineer before ship back to DONJIN.



Customers are responsible for all arrangements to ship product back to DONJIN for repair and are responsible for all costs including brokerage, customs, special handling fees, etc.  Product will be returned to customers at DONJIN's cost.


Products returned for warranty repair will be repaired or replaced at DONJIN's option.  DONJIN does not guarantee that the same unit will be returned to the customer.  Replaced products become the property of DONJIN. In the case where a replacement product needs to be shipped prior to the receipt of the returned product, DONJIN may, at its discretion, charge for the replacement product and issue a credit upon receipt of the returned product. Repairs are guaranteed for a period of 30 days after receiving the defective products that in warranty.


DONJIN offers a repair service for out of warranty products. There is a charge for this service. The service is offered for a period of 24 months beyond the relevant warranty for such products. DONJIN will not offer repair service in cases where the product has been modified or subject to customer induced damage. DONJIN will send out the detecting report and repairing charge in 7 days after receiving the defective products that out of warranty. If customers agree on the charge, DONJIN will repair and ship back in another 30 days.



Charge List

Charge List




Three Years Guarantee

Free components changing, remote support, software   upgrade and device check.


Four Years Guarantee

20% of the contract value

Five Years Guarantee

50% of the contract value

Defective product detect

Detecting charge of out of warranty


Remote Support


hotline support, system configuration, trouble-shooting   and remote maintance


On Site Support


USD150.00/day + flight + accommodation

DONJIN provides free SDK upgrade but doesn’t include DONJIN new product or charged software product. Customer can download free SDK from DONJIN official website: www.donjin.com

All SDK upgrade must follow the license on which agreed by purchase. Customer can copy these SDK and technical documents for internal usage but all patent, trademark and other copyright information must be consistent with the form of the original version.

The service content presented by this after-sale service article has written license and limited warranty. These license and limited warranty will provide certain rights to customers who purchase.  Nothing in this article should be regarded as will change DONJIN products warranty and license, also will not create any new warranty or license.

In addition to China's law responsibility and obligation, DONJIN statement cannot assume responsibility for the following circumstances. If there is any discrepancy, please immediately contact DONJIN or your dealer.

1) Any joint and several liability caused by DONJIN product failure, including production losses, casualties and data loss caused by storage equipment failure, etc.;

2) Service delay due to natural disasters, war and the government's emergency restrictions;

3) Losses due to software failure (such as viruses, etc.);

4) Losses due to lost password/passphrase;

5) Losses due to misunderstanding during communication of telephone technical support service;